Recent advances in our understanding of genetics, epigenetics, and the microbiome have led to radical changes in the way we look at the human body. Recent breakthroughs in diagnostic testing technology have given us powerful new ways to examine and analyze the ways our bodies work — or should work — to keep us healthy. By gathering and organizing a wide range of information about your lifestyle and biomarkers, we can show you the factors that have the most dramatic impact on your health.

Integrative Natural Medical Solutions Health Program utilizes the latest tools available including genetics to offer a comprehensive, and personalized evaluation.


Your assessment will consist of:


Initial consult

45-60 minute telemedicine consultation to review your medical and family history, lifestyle, risk factors, and health concerns. Formulation of a health plan which includes labs to be completed.

Assesment and Plan 

A 30-minute consultation to review your history and test results. This review gives you an historical perspective on your health by identifying the antecedents, triggers and mediators that affect your health. We identify root causes of potential illness and modifiable lifestyle factors to improve gene expression, and we help you understand how various factors are affecting your health.

The analysis identifies any imbalances in nutrients, hormones and metabolism that you may have. Combining this information with your clinical data and your own preferences enables us to design your personalized supplement plan, and to recommend any advanced testing that may be appropriate.

We personalize your treatment based on the laboratory analysis and information provided in the initial visit. The personalized path includes the recommendation of supplements and medications.

Your path will be designed to return hormones, vitamins, minerals, proteins and electrolytes to optimal levels.

Follow Up

After being on your specific plan this is a check in to see if there are any changes that need to be made. Usually no new labs are needed except if you are on a hormone therapy.


Fees for Medical Consultations

Package #1

Introductory (3 visits): $525 

Package #2

1 year Membership

Unlimited virtual visits $2499

Package #3 

Per consultation $300

Low Testosterone Package

First six (6) months: $525

How to Schedule a Consultation

Please register with Power 2 Patient (P2P) Patient Portal as soon as possible. An invitation to join will be sent to your email. Please complete (as thoroughly as possible) the questionnaire in the "Health" tab under medical profile (unless otherwise advised). Answering these questions in advance allows more time to discuss health issues. Your answers to the P2P Patient Portal under "Health" tab will be used to establish a baseline.

Please sign all e-documents in the same portal.

Integrative Natural Medical Solutions does not accept insurance. Your insurer might reimburse visits depending on your coverage (You must check with your insurer).

Your insurance company may cover testing, within the limits of your policy, but you may be responsible for insurance deductibles, or for testing that your insurance does not cover.

You can use an HSA or Flex Spending Account to cover the costs of your visits.

Contact me to schedule a telehealth consultation to see how I can help.


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