What our clients have to say...

Lucy M.

"Dr. Wortham is nothing short of amazing. I have been ill for many years, and I have been to a many doctors for help. Dr. Wortham is so kind, attentive, and an amazing practitioner. My health is much better!"

Max P.

"Came to Dr. Wortham for low testosterone. I had fatigue, brain fog, decrease strength and sex drive. Other doctors offered creams and injections. I was able to boost my testosterone naturally. I feel much better and my symptoms are gone. Thank you Dr. W"

Jennifer H.

"Dr. Wortham has changed my overall health and well-being. He is very thorough and spent a lot of time with me and my husband going over my medical history. He made us feel comfortable sharing my poor health story and my struggles. My life has changed dramatically under his care. In less than a year he has uncovered my mold exposure, food sensitivities and gluten issues. In that time he has treated my symptoms. I no longer have brain fog, my energy has increased, I have resumed exercising, I have lost weight and I feel like the old me again. Plus, I am no longer pre-diabetic. He is a life changer."

Sara G.

"I have struggled with anxiety and depression all of my life. Medications have not helped. I felt defeated like it was my fault. I did the lab work up that Dr. Wortham suggested and it showed  me why I had anxiety. To see the graph and the numbers was a big relief for me. I do not feel at fault anymore and I understand why I have anxiety. Now I am on supplements and my symptoms are so much more manageable."

Carole A.

"I suffered with the worse menstrual pains and have IBS. I saw multiple specialist over the years with different degrees of success.  A virtual meeting with Dr. Wortham was a blessing. After an exhaustive history review he was able to formulate a plan that worked. I agreed to pharmaceuticals then he switched me to supplements. I am very grateful to have found him."


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